SFALDayZ Server Rules

General Player Rules



Hacking/Exploiting/Glitching/Duping Hacking: Using modified data files in any way to gain an unfair advantage on other players.

Glitching/Exploiting/Duping: Using in-game bugs or glitches to gain an unfair advantage over players. Anyone caught duping will be banned.

Anyone caught hacking and breaking these rules will be permanently banned from our server.

Hateful Language

We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to Racism, Sexism, Homophobia & hate speech. If you are spotted you will be permanently banned from our servers.

Staff Disrespect

Staff are here to manage the community, so please respect their decisions they have the final say. They are fair to all players and should be treated with respect.

Impersonating Staff

It’s not allowed to pretend to be an admin via side chat, discord or in-game voice. Anyone caught breaking this rule will be permanently banned from our servers.

Stream Sniping

It’s not allowed to watch streamers and attempt to kill them in-game. This ruins the game for the streamer, so anyone caught breaking this rule will be permanently banned from our server.

English Only In Chat

We know that players from all over the world play on our server and English might not be your first language, but we are an English-Speaking server. So there is English only in side chat policy.


You are not allowed to give call outs of players/base locations/dead bodies in side chat. You are allowed to give out your own location but you are not allowed to reveal enemy location eg. I just got shot at in Zeleno.

Combat Logging

If you have engaged in combat or firefight you must not log out until at least 5 minutes have passed from the final engagement. You cannot log out if you are being robbed.


Please logout before server restart there is announcements 15,10,5 minutes before restart. We advise to logout before server restart if you loose any items you will not be refunded.

Loot Cycling

Is when a player removes loot from spawn locations in order to spawn more loot this is not allowed. 

Safezone Rules


Trolling is not allowed in the Safe Zone. This includes blocking players, opening car doors and annoying them. Hot-micing and using megaphones is not allowed. Please also do not play any music at the traders.

Safe Zone Camping

It’s not allowed to shoot, kill or hold up players within 500m radius of the Safe Zone. This rule does not apply for the Black Marker Trader. You can kill players outside the 500m radius away from the Safe Zone. You can not camp the boundary line to exploit the Safe Zone. You also cannot follow players outside of the safe zone.


It’s not allowed to steal from other players inside the Safe Zone. This includes stealing items from the ground their cars or the car itself.

Cars in Safe Zones

It’s not allowed to park your car at any safe zone/trader for more than 3 hours on our servers. Cars will be deleted without warning.

Stashes in Safezone

No placing of stashes/hidden chests in trader zones, they will be removed without notice.

Building in Safezone

Building in safezone is not allowed any objects that have been placed will be removed. Please do not cut down trees in the safezone.

Base Building Rules

Any base found that are breaking these rules will be removed without warning! Please read carefully!

No Building Within 500m Of Military Zones

It’s not allowed to build anything within 500m of any military zone. The 500m will be measured from the most outer part of the military zone. You are not allowed to block or build in Police Stations.

No Building Near Traders

You are not allowed to build within 1000m of any trader that has a safezone. There is an exception for BM trader as long as you are not within the compound of Krona.

No Blocking Military Zones/Military Loot.

You are NOT allowed to build, in any way, which blocks military loot. You are not allowed to block police stations.

Unraidable bases

It’s not allowed to build your base so it’s unraidable. There must be at least one way to enter the base.

Realistic Bases

You cannot have unrealistic bases. Your base must not be floating or have unrealistic structures. The maximum height for watchtowers are 4 on top of one another (9 floors).

Wall Stacking

You can stack fences on top of each other however you must be able to fit at least one person in between the fences.

Blocking Entrances

You can block entrances with tents, windows and fences as long as there is always one way of getting into the base. Your base cannot be unraidable


If you can place down as many storage objects/tents as you want but if does not fit you cannot have it. You must not stack or clip storage inside each other. Tents must not clip through walls. You are allowed to put storage in tents if you want to. If you have don’t have enough space you to will need to expand or move your base to different location.

Base Limit

It’s only allowed to build and own 3 bases per group. This is to reduce the number of bases we have on the server to help with performance.

Raiding Rules

Glitch raiding

You are not allowed to use in-game bugs or glitches for your advantage to raid bases. You are not allowed to access tents or any storage objects if they are locked by glitching. Anyone breaking this rule will be banned.

Boost Raiding

When boost raiding there should only ever be 3 people involved (known as a 2 man boost). You may back up a car to the fence to jump over but you can only 1 man boost on top of the car. You may not create a pyramid of players to hop over high walls.

Grief Raiding

Griefing a base includes dropping items out of containers, like tents, in order to despawn the items. The rule also covers damaging items that can’t be taken or dismantling walls in order to break down someones base. You must only break the fences, gates, wall that are required to break inside. Grief raiding is not allowed on our server because it completely ruins the other players work. You are only allowed to steal what you can carry. No loot should be left on the floor. You cannot also grief players vehicles this included giving any kind of damage you can steal vehicles only with raid pick.

Build & Prop Raiding

You are not allowed to build next to or over bases in order to jump over the walls. This rule includes blocking players from re-entering or leaving their base. You cannot use placeable items such as barrels, storage containers, crop plots, tents etc to raid a base. You cannot use trees to help you raid.

Taking over Bases

You are not allowed to take over bases without admin permission. Bases must be inactive for at least 2 weeks.

Base Raid Logging

You are not allowed to log out inside any players base at anytime unless you have been invited.

Other Rules

Ticket & Admin Assistance

If you require admin assistance please use the ticket system. Please do not tag staff or PM on discord we will get to you when we are free. Please be patient. The staff does not get paid and they are doing all of this for free. They work hard to provide a better experience at all times.

Staff Spam

Please refrain from tagging staff members with @ messages- or @ ’ing’ these are quite annoying and should only be used in emergencies e.g. Server is down! @Staff Team.


It is against our rules to advertise third-party servers on our discord, side chat or Voice Chat. We expect all members to follow this rule on other servers and ensure that our server is not advertised in a incorrect way. We would like to be fair and use our own ways of advertisement.


Please post in the correct sections in discord and please try and stay on topic, try not to argue with other players that can be done in PM.


You can be refunded for items you lost or despawned but this can only be carry out if you have video evidence or photo. Any kind of proof that you owned this item.


All trading must be carried out in the Safe Zone for safety reasons if you decide to carry out a trade outside the Safe Zone this is completely at your own risk.

Car Rules

Driving Vehicles

Driving vehicles is at your own risk, please do not complain to staff if youre vehicle has been stuck multiple times or crashed. There will be no refunds issued due to how buggy and glitchy vehicles are currently.


We usually do not refund disappearing vehicles or flipped vehicles. You can flip your vehicle by using the wrench tool.

Car Wipes

All Cars will be wiped every 2 weeks to increase performance and stability.

Maximum 1 Vehicle each & Bases Limited to 2 Vehicles Max

Players are allowed to have a maximum of 1 car each and bases are limited to a maximum of 2 cars.

Parking in Safezone

If your vehicle is inside the Trader Safe Zone for a large period of time it will be deleted without notice.

All rules and punishments are only up to Staff they make the last decision.