Server Launch
April, 2020

Hello everyone, I would like to announce that after two weeks of hard work and development countless hours and a lot of grinding we finally have a release date! The server is now available for everyone to join and you can find it on DayZSA Launcher by searching “SFAL”. Please navigate to #server-information to find out how to join and which mods are required.

Since we are still ironing out some bugs for tomorrow’s release please read through the #rules and make yourself familiar with them. These rules are subject to change over the course so please stay updated. We would be very grateful if all players could give feedback in the #server-suggestions once you have checked out the server. The Loot economy and trader prices are definitely a work in progress and require a larger player base for testing and correct configuration, so if you have any feedback in those or any areas please let us know.

Moving on we have a lot of things planned in the future like custom weapons, items, clothing and scripts. If you have any suggestions please hit us up, we will be working closely with DayZ Modders to add more unique and custom mods.

If you come across any bugs or unexpected crashes please let us know in #bug-reports.

Lastly we are very proud to be able to finally release our first DayZ server we will hope you enjoy it and let’s see what the future holds for our community.




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