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SFAL was formed late in 2013 when DayZ officially came out by Ghillie, after a few months SFAL became a clan. Brozy was recruited by Ghillie and became the second founder of the clan. They started to recruit players along their journey in DayZ. 7 years later the clan got bigger and got filled with experienced DayZ players with many hours logged but they knew they were missing something.

After many years when modding started to get bigger we decided that we want to have our own server so that we can choose how we wanna play the game and finally set up something that fits us all and try and be the most unique out there! We always aimed to be a PVP based server but we kept most survival elements!

SFAL stands for Shoot First Ask Later

SFALDayZ is a modded DayZ server that can be accessed by anyone that owns a copy of the official DayZ game. You can download the DayZSA Launcher, find our server and download all the required mods in order to play. We have a lot of features in stock like, custom built areas, custom clothing, custom scripts, and a very balanced loot economy. There is a lot planned for the server. In the future we would like to design our own custom weapon models and more clothing. DayZ has progressed a lot in modding and there is alot of possibilities.

This is our Management Team, the following people take care of our servers and help everything run properly, without this team it would be impossible!


Launch the game through the DZSALauncher and search for “Bloody”. From there you’ll be able to download all the required mods and join the server straight away.






Senior Admin, Head of Support


Senior Admin, Head of Community


Senior Admin, Head of Armory

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